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Paul Ney
Deputy General Counsel
(Legal Counsel)


The Deputy General Counsel (Legal Counsel) assists the General Counsel and advises senior DoD officials, such as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration, on numerous matters. The DGC(LC) handles and coordinates litigation matters within DoD and with the Department of Justice, and provides legal advice on Constitutional questions, Congressional subpoenas and requests for information, classified information, personnel security and Freedom of Information and Privacy Act matters. This official also is responsible for a variety of special projects, including military commission issues. In addition, the DGC (LC) supervises the Office of Legislative Counsel and the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals, and the General Counsel of both the Armed Forces Information Service and the Defense Security Service. He also serves as the Designated Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and as Chair of the DoD Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinating Committee.